Longtime Kula Members tell how YWA helped them Find What Feels Good.

"I didn't know YWA was in my future when I unexpectedly required open heart surgery; but when the artificial aorta and mechanical valve they installed turned out to cause severe vibration making my pre existing issue with anxiety a nightmare, I needed help. This, along with deteriorating knees and limited exercising options finally lead me (the guy with the world's tightest hammies and no flexibility) to search out yoga. But yoga books didn't help and I wasn't feeling the love on YouTube. Dang! Yoga wasn't for me. Then Adriene appeared and everything changed; immediately I felt a connection to this charming girl and her yoga. Then she made it our yoga, my yoga. Logically I began with "Yoga For Complete Beginners", and I was hooked - HARD. I did that for a week, then did 30 Days of Yoga on repeat for a year and then branched out into other videos until I'd done YWA 533 days in a row! And SURPRISE... yoga was empowering me in ALL aspects of my life. I admire the hard work and integrity of YWA. Adriene is our servant, guide, friend and wise voice of acceptance and love."

Seth H. Sierra Madre, CA



"Adriene is all you could want in a mentor: knowledgeable, accessible, funny, and always leading you back to yourself. There is no cult, no doctrine, just the belief that Finding What Feels Good will lead you to the places in your individual journey that you need to go. For me, the heart of YWA, is the community which has been built around it: a diverse group of people around the world with whom you can share your journey; a place to know and be known; a place to give and receive support. I came as an older person (69) to improve my health and immune system. As it turns out, I have found ever so much more."

Joy K. Washington, DC



"Adriene and Chris have changed and continue to change me in so many ways; specifically through the development of the Kula and the relationships I’ve developed there, in addition to the awesome Yoga and learnings from Adriene’s practices. She has presented the tools to me to save myself from myself and then to grow into something more. It really is amazing and so much fun!!!"

Mike C. Atlanta, GA



"My journey with Adriene started, after a referral from a friend, on January 2nd, 2017.  At 61, I was at one of my lowest points, physically, mentally, spiritually.  I had no energy, muscle weakness, general all around yuckiness! I started with Revolution and I’ve been hooked since Day 1 and I haven’t looked back.  Adriene’s loving, caring, kind, gentle and humorous guidance holds me to this day, the longest I’ve ever stayed committed to anything, exercise wise. Now I’m not only stronger, balanced, toned and walking straighter…I’m calmer, happier, more patient and have an overall sense of well-being, from within.  The wonderful community of love, our FWFG Kula, that was created by Adriene, is nothing short of amazing. The love, support and kindness we all have for each other, from all over the world, has restored my faith in Humanity. I have found What Feels Good, through YWA and FWFG Kula!"

Sharon O. Hagersville, ON, Canada





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