Video Download & Playback Help

Here's a quick tutorial on what to do once you've purchased videos or online classes from Find What Feels Good.

What Happens First?

  1. After your purchase, you'll receive 2 emails. One is a receipt to confirm your order. The second is information on how to access your videos. You'll notice a big button that reads "Start Watching Now."
  2. After you click that button you'll be taken directly to your library at You can watch the videos immediately and even download them from the individual video pages. There's no need to rush because you can always come back to this page. 

To Access Your Videos Later

  1. You can always click the button in the email... or
  2. You can set-up a password at so you can easily access your videos across a wide variety of devices. To do that, just go here to this link and use the email address you used when you made the purchase. 


Do You Have Slow Internet or an expensive data plan?


Click on the HD button at the bottom of the video player and dial the video quality down to a more manageable size. 


Here are a few more helpful links:

If you have more questions, please contact us at

Have a great day!